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November 2021

This fabric has been embroidered on the occasion of November 25, international day against violence against women and girls as part of the programming of the Department of Equality of the Mancomunidad de la Vall d'Albaida and with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de la Pobla del Duc. 

The women who participated belong to local groups and with the educational centers C.E.I.P. Ramon Esteve and I.E.S. José de Ribera and the respective A.M.P.A. 

The message was chosen among the women who attended the presentation. As a result of a debate and after exposing the first ideas, it was decided to create a play on words between the words "alive" and "free", with the important addition of "accompany us" referring to the fact that violence against women is a problem of the whole society. The words are accompanied by the image of several butterflies, a symbol of transformation commonly used in feminist demands. 

The result was shown in an act of regional unity on 25N where the list of women murdered during 2021 and a manifesto in condemnation was read. The event was attended by neighbors from different towns in the region, the women who have sewn this fabric and students and teachers from schools, who also exhibited their own banner. 

At the end of this page you will find information and photo albums of the different embroidery sessions.

We visited the educational centers of the town doing an embroidery session: the big women of the town embroidered and the different groups of kindergarten, primary and secondary school visited us in turns. Many groups got involved doing activities in the classroom based on the figure of the butterfly accompanied by phrases to end violence against women, with which they made a banner.

The embroidery sessions took place mainly in the municipal market, in the plenary hall and in local schools. Thanks are due to all the people who contributed their stitches to Brodant la Revolta.

Also to all the photographers who recorded the activity with their cameras: to Ferran la Puebla, to Xelo Sanz who collected the photos taken by the participants and very specially to Pepa from Fotos Tella, who accompanied us to all the sessions and to the presentation act. 

Photo albums:       +34605677559