Museu Íntim de les Històries Mai Contades

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The Museu Íntim de les Històries Mai Contades (Intimate Museum of Stories Never Told) is a visual and narrative proposal based on stories and everyday objects.

The women protagonists of this exhibition come to an appointment where over the hours we talk about different themes of life and we ask them to bring an everyday object with a special meaning for them.

Lluci Juan, visual artist, photographs the objects; Almudena Francés, narrator, escorts and transcribes the sentences. As a result we offer an exhibition. We want to elevate to the category of art these everyday objects that are invisible to our eyes after seeing them around the house; at the same time, we want to highlight those common phrases that may have lost their meaning. And we say to elevate to the category of art because the pretension is that the result questions you, provokes you and leads you to reflection.

We do not want to use that expression that speaks of giving value to women's lives, because women's lives, and even more so, the lives of these women, have their own value and that of all the lives they have sustained and cared for.

We have been interested in the hands of women, because with them they have cooked, sewed, changed clothes, embroidered, harvested, ironed, have made peace, have healed wounds, have made olives, have prepared jams, have soon the animals, have killed chickens and rabbits, have removed the blood of the pig and have stuffed the blood sausages .... Because they are the last generation that used their hands to think and to do.

The intention of the exhibition is to be the loudspeaker and the square so that everything that happened inside ports, bodies inside, sees the light. Thus, the rest of the neighbors and relatives can return to escort the stories, look at the objects and the hands of our mares and yayas as what they are: half of humanity, even though the silenced half.

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