Brodant la Revolta > Volem Igualtat (We want equality) 

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March 7, 2019*.

200x145 cm 

Wool and canvas on cotton canvas.

*It was scheduled for March 8, but was made a day earlier to support the strike scheduled for that day.

The message demands equal rights for women in order to achieve equality in society: equal opportunities, equal education, equal work... 

This is one of the most intergenerational fabrics: to embroider it the students of different centers of Infant and Primary Education (C.E.I.P. Elias Tormo, C.E.I.P. Covalta), Compulsory Secondary Education (C.E.I.P. José Segrelles) and different entities formed by adults such as the association of Ames de Casa de Albaida, the adult school of PatchWork and the residence for adults of Albaida have participated. All with the collaboration of the Centre de la Dona de Albaida.

The photos of the embroidery day were taken by Jorja Mollà.       +34605677559