Dones al carrer

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Dones al carrer (Women on the street) is a participatory project with the neighbors of different rural populations or old neighborhoods because they tell us their experiences in the public space of towns and cities. The origin of this proposal is to give voice to the female population to value their indispensable task for the development of society and that so often has been hidden.

Although the relationship between women and public space is one of the fundamental themes of study and reflection in feminist struggles and processes of women's empowerment, these analyses tend to focus on the feminist waves that occur in large cities and industrialized places. Even so, this reality changes a lot in the context of rural areas or traditional neighborhoods, where women have been more dominated by patriarchal society and gender inequality is greater, even today.

Este trabajo busca historias personales de las mujeres y las valora haciéndolas públicas y dejando un testigo de su existencia con intervenciones de arte público. Al blog encontraréis historias de labradoras, pasteleras, maestras, políticas... y los trabajos hechos a partir de sus historias.
Feminismes Plurals, Lluci Juan

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