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El taller d'Art (The Art Workshop) is linked to the life of Lluci Juan and the difficulties he encountered at the beginning of his professional career as a visual artist, difficulties that mark and determine a whole generation, since they are also suffered by the rest of young people who struggle to live for themselves, to become independent.

The Art Workshop is located in Aielo de Malferit, a town of approximately 4,500 inhabitants located in the region of Vall d'Albaida, in the Valencian Country. It is a town that has the basic infrastructures and a cultural offer based on tradition, tradition understood most of the time as a suffocating excuse for any innovative initiative and that does not allow experimentation or dissidence.

In fact, in this small town has been carried out for years one of the festivals of Sound and Experimental Art with great relevance characterized by "the unpredictability, the rupture with the monotony, the contradiction, the excess or the subtlety", according to the words of its promoter, Llorenç Barber. This festival brought together artists of worldwide relevance who brought the most transgressive and current proposals of contemporary art. Despite this, this festival suffered censorship from the municipal group in government, forcing him into exile. In the same way, several cultural activities have been banned in the town (book presentations, lectures, exhibitions...).

At a time when young people are forced to go abroad to find work, Lluci has decided to stay in his hometown to set up with his meager resources an art workshop with a strong social character, doing activities and working in coordination with different neighboring groups.

Primera festa al Taller d'Art (6), 2012, Lluci Juan

Primera festa al Taller d'Art , 2012

GIF image that represents the concept that gives origin to the Art Workshop based on the physical form and the projects that are developed in it: vital and creative space that pivot on a spiral looking for a changing balance depending on the discursive origin.

El taller d'art (1), situat a Aielo de Malferit, Lluci Juan.

El Taller d'Art

Living, creating, surviving:

Classes al Taller d'Art.

In parallel to the artistic creation, it works the artistic teaching aspect offering classes at different levels and types of production: from the most traditional within the plastic arts (painting, drawing, sculpture...) to those more specialized, personal and complex.

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