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El Taller d'Art

It is located in Lluci Juan's hometown and is linked in his life, difficulties of the beginning of the professional trajectory as a visual artist and the difficulties that mark and determine a whole generation that is struggling to live by themselves, to become independent.

Les ferides del taller

Multidisciplinary work where the history of the artist's work space is related to the time that door linked to it.

Lluci Juan reflects on micro-political aspects that affect young artists in the situation of economic and social crisis of 2008 and how the environment where we live defines us.

It consists of series: Les ferides (photography), El Terra (video), Catarsis (action), Registres intangibles (installation) and Imaginaris topogràfics (painting).

 Dones al carrer

Record of experiences of neighbors of different rural populations or old neighborhoods of towns and cities. The origin of this proposal is to give voice to the female population to publicly value their indispensable task for the development of society and that so many times has been hidden.

Brodant la revolta

Participatory collective embroidery project in public spaces (markets, squares and streets) to make banners with feminist messages and create gender awareness.

 Museu Íntim de les Històries Mai Contades

Visual and narrative proposal based on stories and everyday objects. The women protagonists of this exhibition come to an appointment where throughout the hours we talk about different topics of life and we ask them to bring us an everyday object with a special meaning for them.

Macroprecarització cultural

The studies show the economic precariousness that the artists suffer from their professional activity.

Action carried out during an art festival where Lluci Juan worked as a waitress (paid activity) and distributed the art curriculum, where most of the activities have been unpaid.

Malabar d'artista

Metàfora i reflexió sobre la llibertat creativa de l'artista i els condicionants de la seua pràctica. Consisteix en una acció basada en el joc de malabars dels pals xinesos. Cada pal porta inscrita una paraula vinculada al procés creatiu, encara que moltes d'elles no les relacionaríem en un primer moment partint de la idea romàntica de l'artista creador.

Talent Visible

Lluci Juan is the curator of Talent Visible I (2020) and Talent Visible II (2022). Aimed at creators linked to Aielo de Malferit and a local artist of recognized trajectory. A firm commitment to boost and strengthen artistic creation beyond the major cultural centers in research for a fairer society, considering culture as a fundamental right and supporting creators throughout the territory.

Obra gràfica

Lluci Juan's graphic work responds to the artist's most intimate concerns. Fleeing from figuration, these works search in the essence of the formal elements of graphic representation to seek the truth of the world around us. The line, the point and the plane become protagonists and validators by themselves to approach, question and represent reality.

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